We love the Web and the work we do.We work closely with our
clients to deliver the best possible solutions for their needs

About Us

We are an innovative ICT solutions provider. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services that best enable an organisation and individuals to achieve their goals through the optimal utilisation of technology. We help our clients use innovative information and communication technology to solve business challenges, combining world-class software with acumen, insight and experience to give you the competitive edge

We believe a world would be a better place if we accelerate people’s ambitions.



Customers first

Everything we do at MLK Computer is based on the success of the Technology experiences we provide our customers. The goal of each discipline within the company - be it design, programming or customer support - is to make our customer experience as fun as possible for as many people as we can reach.

Commit to quality

“Epic polish” doesn’t just refer to our customer experiences, but to every aspect of our jobs. We approach each task carefully and seriously. We seek honest feedback and use it to improve the quality of our work. At the end of the day, most customers won’t remember whether the job was late - only whether the experience was great.

Every voice matters

Great ideas can come from anywhere. MLK Computer is what it is today because of the voices of our customers and of each member of the company. Every employee is encouraged to speak up, listen, be respectful of other opinions, and embrace criticism as just another avenue for great ideas.

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Our Services

Our solutions are designed to meet our clients strategic and operation needs, which we develop and maintain

Software Development

We work closely with you to plan, prototype, build and finally launch your product to your target audience.

Web Design

We analyze your industry and your competitors to deliver compelling digital experiences that establishes your brand ahead of the curve.

UI/UX Design

We have embraced simplicity and minimalism to produce work that gives user a peace-of-mind.

Mobile Development

We craft experiences across smartphones and tablets, with our expertise in native iOS, Android development and cross-platform frameworks such as React Native.

Logo Design

We believe an effective logo should be timeless – that is, it will endure the ages. Will the logo still be effective in 10, 20, 50 years?


We are all emotional beings and we have emotional relationships with brands we trust,

IT Consulting

We truly provide a premium service due to our culture of not resting on our laurels.


At MLK Computer, we are constantly looking for better solutions and more efficient ways to maintain systems

Our Processes

We use the following processes to make you a smart and stunning web or mobile app at an affordable rate



First we learn & research about client's requirements



We create an outline from our research result



We craft beautiful design for client's project



Purely hand coded front-end development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery & Rails



Development for website's functionalities with Python & Django



Highly reliable & fast cloud server



We continuously work with our clients to help them maintain the website.


Quality assurance

We assure the website's code quality, performance, style & spelling in every manner

Fun Facts About Us

It is important to us to be there for you when and where you need us. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a same day response to allow you, your staff and your customers to gain the most value from your technology investment.

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